Saturday, 25. November 2017.


The HYC is a NGO/non-profit, self-supporting organization in Romania, protecting and representing Hungarian youth.

The HYC includes several organizations which represent the interests of Hungarian youth in Romania, including: programming and management organizations, university and college student organizations, youth organizations from Hungarian historical churches, professional organizations representing Hungarian youth and other special activity areas. Occasionally the Youth Council will take a stand on current social and political questions.

The HYC was founded in 1995 as the representative organization of Hungarian youth in Romania. At the beginning it had representation in the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ). In July 2001, because of some political changes, the HYC broke away from the territorial authority of DAHR and assumed its present structure as a civil organization.

Members of the HYC can be any Hungarian youth organization in Romania which accepts the principles of the HYC. Full membership in this federation can be any territorial Hungarian youth organization and/or federation. Local, regional and other youth-oriented organizations have the right to participate in conferences.